8th of December 2009 - Iron Mike returns


Mike Tyson revisits Owston Hall for the second time.

Pictured below with Golf pro Jason M. Laszkowicz  (left) and General Manager Jamie Parker (right).



8th of December 2009 - Lisa Foreman BSc joins Owston


Lisa Foreman BSc

Health Related Exercise & Fitness, REP’s Level 3 Trainer

Personal Trainer, Gym Work, Pilates, Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Walking and Swimming.

trained at Leeds Metropolitan University Lisa Foreman has developed a special interest in getting the general public fit and healthy, offering individuals the opportunity to improve their lifestyles and increase longevity of life.

The first session will include a free consultation, which will consist of health screening, Physical Readiness Questionnaire, Short/long term goal setting based on your ability, needs and requirements and a short fitness test.

There are no quick fixes or magic solutions, just hard work and dedication are the key.  Lisa can teach you how to make lifestyle changes so that you are able to achieve your goals, but more importantly maintain these targets once you have reached them, with exercise and healthy eating becoming an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Once you have started to feel the benefits of looking after your health you won't look back, I give you all the support, advice and encouragement you need to achieve.

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